Learn trading from scratch

Want to learn trading from scratch but confused about where to learn from? Discover ten excellent ways to enhance your trading knowledge & enter the market. 

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Trading is amongst the most popular careers these days. You don’t need any degree to start trading; you can begin your trading expedition with little capital and limited resources. 

However, proper knowledge is a must before entering the dynamic trading world. People new to the trading world always ask how to learn trading. But don’t worry. This blog will discuss the best resources for learning trading from scratch. 

10 Best Ways to Learn Trading From Scratch

In the digital world, there are numerous resources for learning how to trade. However, there are fewer options when it comes to quality resources at affordable cost. So here we will discuss the top resources with examples to learn trading:

Trading Books:

Many people do not find books a good option for learning to trade and feel that they only provide theoretical knowledge. But that is just a myth. Books are amongst the best ways to learn trading. You just need to select the right one. 

Many books include case studies, real-life trading success stories, exceptional strategies, examples, analysis methods, and other practical approaches. The best part about books is they help you build the right psychology and mindset for trading. Here are the top books you can start learning from: 

  • The Intelligent Investor: Benjamin Graham
  • Market Wizards: Jack Schwager
  • The Disciplined Trader: Mark Douglas
  • Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: John J. Murphy
  • Trading for a Living: Dr Alexander Elder
  • The Psychology of Trading: Dr. Brett N. Steenbarger
  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street: Burton G. Malkiel

Trading Education Platform:

In the present time, you can find numerous financial education platforms to learn trading from scratch. The main business of these platforms is providing education, so obviously, they provide top-notch educational resources. 

The best part about such platforms is you can get audio, video, written, or live market content as per your needs. In addition, they have courses on each topic of the financial world. So whether you are a forex, cryptocurrency, or stock trader, you can get in-depth study resources on these platforms.  

  • Investopedia 
  • Baby Pips 
  • Investing.com 
  • Forex Factory 
  • Market Investopedia 

Online Trading Courses:

To start trading, you have to open an account with a trading broker platform. Many brokers provide free learning material to attract clients and build communities. 

So, if you cannot afford to pay for paid resources, go for a broker platform that provides resources to learn trading from scratch. Generally, all reputed brokers provide such services. However, the trading fees are higher with such brokers. Here are the top brokers that offer learning: 

  • IG: Overall, good educational resources 
  • Etoro: Best to learn Copy Trading 
  • Ava Trade: Excellent Trading Learning Apps 
  • Beirman Capital: Quality Educational & Training Content 
  • Plus500: Suitable for US Traders

Demo Account:

Have you ever heard of demo trading? It is a way to practically experience trading in real market conditions but with false money. Demo Accounts are suitable for those who understand the basics of the market but want to learn trade execution. 

Before starting trading in the real market, practice demo trading for the first few months. You will learn different trade order execution, leverage management, risk appetite, portfolio diversification, and strategy execution from demo trading. Here are a few platforms that offer demo accounts: 
  • Saxo Bank
  • Tickmill 
  • Vantage 
  • Beirman Capital
  • FXTM
  • FP Markets 
  • Interactive Brokers 

Trading Mentor:

Trading Mentor: The rise of social media has given a platform to the professionals working in the market for years to share their experiences. The best part of such traders is they have actually traded in the live market. 

They have seen both the downfalls and the peak of trading. They know the real-life problems of beginners, so they can give more effective solutions.

However, finding the right mentor is a tough task; these days, new influencers are acting like mentors, but they are not. These kinds of people just flaunt fancy lifestyles to make you trade. So, choose a mentor who offers fruitful and actionable trading content. Here are some top mentors to learn from:

  • Warren Buffett
  • Ezekiel Chew
  • Nick Syiek
  • Tamia BJ
  • Marc Walton
  • Clay Hodges
  • Anna Coulling.

Articles & Podcast:

If you are exhausted from lengthy courses and books, you can go for short articles. Just search for any topic on Google or any search engine, and you will get the best articles on that particular topic. 

If you are not a big fan of written content, then these days, trading podcasts are trending. A podcast can be an audio or video session where traders discuss live market conditions, their assumptions, economic events, pros, cons, weaknesses, strengths, and all the other topics. Podcasts are amongst the most interesting and best ways to learn trading. 

  • Motley Fool Money
  • Top Traders Unplugged
  • CNBC’s “Fast Money”
  • Chat With Traders
  • Fresh Invest
  • Trading Nut

Trading Seminar & Classes:

You can also go for recorded trading classes or live seminars to learn to trade. Video courses provide more interactive learning than books or written courses.

Traders can ask about all their doubts or queries during the session. In addition, you will get to learn from financial professionals and experts. Also, live sessions are best for getting to know about current market conditions and major economic events with analysis and impact. 

Video sessions are especially good for learning trading chart analysis. Here are the platforms where you can get access to trading classes and sessions: 
  • Youtube 
  • Trading Apps 
  • Educational Websites 
  • Trading Platforms 

Case Studies & Success Stories:

Another way to learn trading is from previous traders’ examples. In the trading world, there are both big failures and success stories. 

These real-life stories will tell you what it takes to become successful and what you should never do in trading. Also, case studies will throw light on how to use different trading strategies, trade with risk to risk-to-reward ratio, use leverage, and many other complex concepts. 

  • Case Studies Websites 
  • Traders’ Biography 
  • Social Media Platforms 

Follow The Market:

The market is the best teacher. You can learn trading from scratch just by watching it. In the trading world, asset prices rise and fall due to different factors. 

Watching live market conditions will not only keep you updated but also develop your analytical skills. That is what is needed for trading, better analysis, and more profit. You will not require any courses or mentors if you follow the market. 

  • News Channel
  • Community Groups
  • Financial Websites 
  • Charting Software 
  • Live Market Updates 

Wrapping Up

The Financial Market is quite fascinating for money-making in a short time. However, making money is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it requires impeccable knowledge of the market you are trading in. 

One of the biggest mistakes new traders make is entering the financial market without learning the basics. The trading world is dynamic, vast, and complex; without learning you cannot survive in the market for a single day. 

You can choose any of the above ways to learn trading from scratch at your convenience. But give importance to learning, and money will automatically fall in your way.