How to Demo Trade in Forex

Want to learn forex trading? The best way to start with demo trades. Discover what a demo trading account is and how to start currency trading for free.

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Forex trading is an attractive career option to make money in modern times. Many people want to start investing money but are afraid of the market. This fear is genuine as the forex market is quite complex and risky. However, we have a solution for this problem: you can experience currency trading without any risk of losing money with a free demo trading account. In this article, we will learn about demo trade forex and how to start it.

What is Demo Trading?

Demo Trading or paper trading is a way to trade in financial instruments without putting real money in the market.

You can trade using notional or virtual money. It is primarily for beginners or novice traders to learn and experience trading without risking a single penny.

Many brokers offer free demo trading account facilities to traders in order to promote their services and make new customers.

You can demo trade in currencies, commodities, stock, and other financial instruments using these brokers’ services.

Trading in financial instruments is a complex process. There are many strategies, instruments, and ways to trade in Forex.

Without proper knowledge, one can lose a significant amount of money. Forex demo account allows traders to determine whether it will fit them well.

Features of Demo Trade account

There are several services a forex broker will provide you for subscribing to demo accounts. Let us quickly discuss these services and features.


The key feature of free demo trading services is learning how the market functions. You will get to understand different elements like order types, risk management, leverage, lot, spread, pips, etc.

No Gain, No Pain

Your broker will provide you with virtual money to place trades. So you can practice live trading. However, as you are trading with virtual money, you will neither make nor lose anything.

Analysis Tools

A trade needs to conduct fundamental, sentimental, and technical  analysis to predict the currency pair movement.

So, you can learn market analysis by practicing demo trades. In addition to this, your broker will provide you with analysis tools like indicators, charts, news, economic calendars, etc, to place trade accordingly.

Strategy testing

For trading in currencies, it is a must to decide the currency pair, time frame, risk-to-reward ratio, leverage, lot, and many other factors.

Demo trading enables you to determine these factors based on your needs and test them. You can analyze from the demo trades whether your strategy is profitable or not.

Self Analysis

Demo trading is the best way to determine whether forex trading suits you and how you react to losses. The most challenging part of trading is maintaining the right psychology and emotional balance.

Also, you can analyze the profit and losses from all demo trades and determine whether you are in an overall profitable position.

Demo Trade in Forex

How to start demo trading in Forex

You have to understand the significance of demo trades in Forex. Every trader should go for demo trading before subscribing to real trading to ensure security and transparency. Here is a step-by-step procedure to start trading.

Broker selection

Demo trading is not only for beginners but is also for advanced and expert traders. Many forex brokers in the market claim to provide premium services.

However, not all are that good. In addition, selecting a forex broker is a most crucial task as it will directly impact your trading career. Demo trading is a great way to compare, analyze, try, test, and select the best broker.

Beirman Capital understands the importance of selecting the right broker for a trader. That’s why we give you the demo account option to try and test our services. Start your trading journey with us by opening a demo account with us.


You are opening a demo trading account for free. Your broker may ask you for general information, including your name, contact information, and email ID.

Some brokers may ask you for KYC formalities for security purposes. With Beirman Capital, you can access a demo account within a day.

Select a trading platform

Your forex broker will provide trading accessories, including education, analysis, financial instruments, leverage, etc.

However, you will also need a trading platform to place a trade. Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are two widely used platforms. Many brokers also provide their platform to place trade. So, you select the platform based on your needs.

Start Trading

Once you have fulfilled all the formalities, you can start trading in the currency market. You can place the trade using fake money.

Once you feel well-versed in the forex market and have learned the art of trading, you can switch to actual trading. However, start with small trades to ensure healthy trading.

Wrapping UP

Demo trading is an excellent way to practically understand the forex market, test your strategies, and develop the proper psychology.

However, it is also true that there is a significant difference between actual and demo trades. The pain is also real in real trading, as you are losing your hard-earned money.

Meanwhile, in demo trading, the money is fake, so there is no such impact on your mental state.

A demo trading experience is not exactly similar to actual trading, but it will eventually help you develop your skills.

In addition to this, you can also analyze your and your broker’s strengths and weaknesses before putting real money in the market.