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Trading in Commodities

Strike while the iron, copper, lead, zinc, nickel or cobalt is hot. Open an account with us to start trading commodities – including metals, energies and agricultural markets. Get wide range of products in commodities to explore the commodity market and to increase your investment portfolio. 

Why trade commodities with us?

Access wide range of commodity markets

Open an account in minutes with our hassle-free registration process.

Get the best commodity prices

Trade in the right commodity at the right time with our powerful charts

Get access to the safe, secure, and transparent payment system.

Protect your capital with our risk management cap

What makes commodity trading is so attractive?

Wide range of instruments

Trade in crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, or metals, including gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Excellent Liquidity and High Volume

Enter and exit trade with ease. Take advantage of the commodity market's excellent liquidity and high volume.


Open a large position relative to your Trade capital and make maximum money.

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Trade round-the-clock

Trade in a range of commodities 24 hours and five days.

Competitive Cost

Along with less entry capital, the transaction costs are also less for trading in commodities.

Wide options

Access to Mini and Micro commodity trading options through powerful MetaTrader platforms.

beirman capital - mobile trading
What is commodities trading?

Commodity trading is the buying and selling of agricultural products, energy resources, and precious metals with the aim of making a profit from their price fluctuation. 

What are the benefits of Commodity trading
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How do I trade Commodities?

Guidence From Our Expert Team

We have a team of highly experienced professional traders to guide you. Learn strategies from our expert team.

Get account opening assistance

We have quick and easy account opening procedure. However, if you need any further assistance then feel free to connect with us

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