NDFs Trading

Trade in a wide range of currencies with Non-Deliverable Forward Contracts. Trade in a variety of currency pairs and take advantage of NDF trading contracts in the foreign exchange market without actually exchanging currencies. 

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What makes NDF trading so attractive

Wide range of instruments

Trade in the currencies of developed, developing, and emerging nations with NDF contracts and diversify your currency exposure.

No physical Delivery

NDF contracts are simple to trade and more accessible. Traders can speculate currency movement without any physical delivery of the underlying currencies.


NDFs allow traders to experience transparency and trade with fewer restrictions. The prices are determined by interest rate differentials that contribute to transparency in trading.

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Competitive Cost

NDF Trading is a cost-effective choice for traders as compared to non-convertible currencies. The trading costs are comparatively low as compared to the traditional methods.

Hedging & Risk Management

NDF allows institutions and individual traders to offset losses and manage risk associated with currency exchange rate fluctuations.


NDF trading is suitable for all sorts of traders: short-term, medium-term, or long-term. Traders can go for different styles based on their needs.

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What is NDF trading?

Non-Deliverable Forward or NDF Contracts is a two-party contracts to exchange currencies and take advantage of their price fluctuations. There is no physical exchange of currencies; instead, the difference is settled in cash on the maturity date of the contract. 

Benefits of NDF Trading
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How do I trade in NDF?

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